Diego Marino

Engineering Director Italy at Bombardier Transportation

Title: Railway Signaling Systems in The Information Age

Abstract: Railway signaling systems will be introduced starting from their basic functional, safety and availability requirements.
Their recent evolution towards electronics systems will then be presented along with the challenges presented by the fast evolving technology scenario
encompassing IoT, Big Data, LTE comms and Cybersecurity.

Bio: Diego Marino was born in Naples in 1968. He graduated in Electronic Engineering at Università degli Studi di Bologna in 1992.
He has 25 years of experience in Railway Signaling Systems in the areas of Electronics
Product Development, System Engineering, Product Management and Test and Commissioning for Railway, Metro and Tramway projects.
He worked for Sasib Railway and Alstom Transport and is currently leading the Italian engineering team for the Rail Control Solutions division of Bombardier Transportation.
He is an IEEE member since 1997 of Computer Society, Vehicular Technology and Communication Society.